Welcome to TNMX! This page is dedicated to those first time riders, parents and or fans trying to better understand what's required and how to get started racing at Thursday Night Motocross.

Checklist Summary

The Race Schedule The schedule page has a listing of all our race dates for the season, including special events. It also contains gate, practice and race times - and all pricing information for racing at TNMX.

Dirt bike and proper gear Classes range from 50cc to 450cc bikes. Unless you're an accomplished dirt bike rider we'd always suggest you enter the "beginner class" your first time out. We require a helmet, riding boots, gloves, goggles and motocross riding pants. Have your favorite number on all 3 of your number plates and if we need to have it changed or modified we can do that on site quickly.

Obtaining a Motocross Northwest license An MXNW license is required to race at TNMX. They sell a "day-license" for $5 or a "season license" for $15. You'll be able one at rider sign up at the track. MXNW is the governing body of rules we use – much like little league baseball, basketball etc. The rules have been established for the overall good of the sport.

TNMX Entry You'll be given an entry form (if you're a rider), a wrist band and a practice ticket. Place the wrist band on immediately, proceed to the MX track by following the signs, locate a place that you'd like to park and pit out of, and then head to the main MX tower to sign-up officially. Our practice order never changes so take a look or grab a copy after you sign up and know when your practice is.

Walk around the track This is the only time you can access the track once racing begins - to see its layout and get a good feel for what you'll be riding. We try and change the track a little each week – so try and make it a practice and walk the track if you can.

After Pro Practice There is a riders meeting at the base of the sign up tower. This is important to attend because our starter and referee will discuss the race schedule, any issues, notify you of any rule changes and do a general house keeping when needed. We make copies of the race schedule should you need one for your pit area. The schedule is also posted at the base of the tower. Each rider races two motos during the night, with the schedule repeating after everyone has raced their 1st moto.

If you have questions Please go to the main MX tower and ask one of our friendly staff members to help you or contact us directly. If your new to motocross and have never raced anywhere before, we'd recommend you come out to the track and observe how things work before you decide to sign up to race.
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Thursday Night Motocross
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