2019 Announcements!
Finally - we are super excited to get the 2019 season started at TNMX! We hope everyone had a great off season and ready for some exciting racing and fun times with us!

SPONSOR UPDATE We remain humbled and very fortunate to have the following sponsors returning, along with some exciting new sponsors coming on board with us this year!

Huge thank you to Red Bull, Fly, WPS, VP Racing Fuels, Mika, 805, Beaverton Motorcycles, Pro Caliber, MotoSport Hillsboro, Northside Ford, JMR Suspension, IRP, Insane Terrain, FMF, PNW Cobra, JJW Designs, Fusion, Jon Currier, Guild Mortgage, Scott, SeeSee Motors, DT1 Filters and of course Peterson Cat for always giving us that extra lighting at night!

We're equally excited to introduce you to new sponsors for 2019 with Hoosier MX Tires, Eagle Grit (co-owned by Daniel Blair), and Scappoose Sand & Gravel! Can-not wait to get these guys rolling into the TNMX community!

A couple of housekeeping items regarding pricing and additional classes for 2019:

PRICING Thursday Night Motocross has worked hard and are proud we were able to maintain gate and race entry pricing for the past 12 consecutive years, even while experiencing unplanned and or uncontrollable increased costs each year.

Unfortunately for 2019 we will need to increase our "Adult" gate prices from $8 to $10, Children will remain at just $5. While we are not happy and apologize for the increase, we will be able to maintain Race Entry prices as they have always been at $22 per class for amateurs and $25 for professionals.

We appreciate your support and understanding of this change and will continue to work hard as we have for 50+ years to provide you with a great and safe race facility and overall fun environment to hang out at.

CLASS ADDITIONS 125 RIDERS - Due to the increase of 125 cc bikes and demand of those riders, we will be adding a 125cc class for 2019. The class will offer 2-divisions (separate gate / same moto), Amateurs and Experts only. The Amateurs will be made up of Junior riders (no beginners) and the Experts will be Intermediate and Professional. The 125cc class will run on a trail-basis to better understand class demand and rider support. These classes will not be included in our High Point Series and may be reduced and / or canceled mid-season based on lack of rider count. Weekly event plaques will be provided, it will NOT be a money class.

50+ RIDERS - We will also be offering a 50+ class for those 50 years and older. This class will be modeled after the new 125 cc class (Amateurs and Experts - no beginners) and subject to the same guidelines and not included in our High Point Series for 2019. It may also be subject to a reduction to twice monthly and or cancellation mid-season.

Thank you all again for your continued support of TNMX and our Moto-Community... 53 years and counting!
2019 Race Schedule Announced!
2019 TNMX Race Schedule Announced! Swing on over to the schedule page to check it out!

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